Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brand Reputation. Who's Watching ?

Assuming that brand reputation is important, every company must maintain some level of brand reputation management.   Although this might be the least concern of your IT operations manager and your developers, I guarantee its near and dear to the heart of your business owners, C level executives, and shareholders.

So who is watching?  Who's keeping score ?     Gomez is!
I'll eventually do a complete Gomez breakdown, but for now you should know that Gomez Benchmarking is keeping score.   The old saying goes "You can't improve what you can't measure".   You might not be measuring, but somebody else surely is.

According to a report by the Aberdeen Group entitled “The Performance of Web Applications — Customers Are Won or Lost in One Second” one second delays in response time significantly impact top business goals.
One second delays can reduce:
  • page views by 11%
  • conversions by 7%
  • customer satisfaction by 16%

Who knows, maybe nobody will care that last quarter on-line sales were down by 2%, and that you ended up being the worst performer on this list.   Still think you don't need a Performance Management Strategy ?

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