Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Velocity 2010 - Fast By Default

Velocity 2010 is a wrap.   In case you are not familiar with Velocity, this was its 3rd year.   This conference brings the best minds and technology together in the web operations and performance management space and was totally sold out.   Sponsors included the likes of Google, Gomez, Keynote, Yahoo, DynDNS, Strangeloop and Facebook.

  • Why should you care about a 1 second or even 500 Millisecond latency?

    Because your competitors do!

Speed Matters!  There is no more debate, no more theorizing, no more question.   Speed effects your bottom line.   

The Velocity Conference is all about speed and what can be done to squeeze out every ounce of speed for the end user.

From the Velocity web site:
Topics and Themes for Velocity 2010
Velocity attendees are a unique tribe of disaster gurus, special ops professionals, software developers, academics, sysadmins, developers, engineers, and more. They're the hidden heroes that keep the trains running on time, the people you call at 3 in the morning when your site is down. They're the most skilled at repeatedly rising to the challenge of finding answers to complex problems and are always on the leading edge of emerging technologies and solutions.
Velocity gives attendees access to speakers and the in-depth, technical content that will move the dial furthest for web ops and development professionals most responsible for the health of their company's IT infrastructure. Topics and themes we're focusing on in 2010 include:
  • Mobile Web Peformance
  • Multiple Data Center Management
  • Network Latency
  • Cloud Computing
  • Scalable Video and Social Gaming
  • HTML5
  • Configuration Management
  • Webcaching and Memecaching
  • Green Architecture
  • Metrics

Source:  Velocity 2010

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